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20.06.2023 10:51
Politics of Croatia Antworten

Croatia is a unitary parliamentary constitutional republic. In terms of political and civil liberties, Croatia ranks 1st. Citizens of Croatia enjoy complete freedom. The majority of countries in which citizens enjoy extensive civil and political liberties are representative democracies, in which civil servants are elected directly by the citizens to advocate for their needs and aspirations. Free countries are often backed by healthy economies and well-functioning governments. The head of government is Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic.

According to the World Bank Group, Croatia's government effectiveness index is 0.69. This shows that the government of Croatia is effective. Citizens benefit from well-organized public and civil services and government efficiency is high. Although some services may be lacking in some areas, the overall environment encouraged by state legislation is favorable. In Croatia, legislative power rests with a Sabor. The Global Peace Index (GPI) for Croatia is 1.55. The Strength of the Legal Rights Index for Croatia is 5. Overall, it is considered rather insufficient – bankruptcy and collateral laws are able to protect the rights of borrowers and lenders to a certain extent; Credit information may be sufficient but scarcely available or, conversely, available but not sufficient. Croatia is a member of the United Nations (UN). On May 22, 1992, it joined the United Nations as a full member. Croatia is a member of the European Union (EU). On May 22, 1992, it joined the EU as a full member. Croatia is a member of the World Bank.

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